WiFi Analyzer is an excellent tool

Have you had issues with WiFi? Ever been stuck as to the problem?

We know this game better than most and every day we are talking to people that struggle with WiFi issues. Many a time we can sort them out quite quickly. But there are times when it’s more difficult. This excellent little app (or others like it) go a long way to helping sort through the many issues that can befall wireless connections.

An example is knowing what other people about you are doing with their connection. If they use the same channel as you and the signal is good (from their place) it can be a hassle over your connection.

This video highlights WiFi Analyzer 


WiFi is a brilliant tool to have but the many interrupters can be a pain. Here are some you may like to know about.

  • Batts stop wireless signal. If you have a brand new home you need to talk to professionals about getting connectivity all around your home.
  • Neighbours can use channels that are the same as yours. This can be disruptive to your signal. I know, it happened to me.
  • Power. Your device may have come from your Internet Supplier. If it did and it’s not ‘that good’ you may lack power (coverage).
  • Technical everything. If your device is low grade (most supplier provided devices are) then can have issues of some sort.
  • Device reception. Settings on your computer/ tablet/ smart phone need to be correct to receive wireless signal.
  • Construction of your home can be a problem. Steel framing for example.
  • Security is nearly never a problem. If you’re having issues do you think someone will bother hacking an unreliable source?
  • Kitchens can be a problem. Stove’s and electrical devices  can interfere with your router and signal


There are ways around all of these issues. Talk to a professional or sort through them one at a time, one by one. Don’t over think it but do consider each one.

At the end of the day there are a lot of things that can be a problem. The best advice we can give is to make sure you have a quality connection and a quality router. That will deal with the ‘How’ question. Then you can be sure to deal with the ‘Why’ question because you know it’s possible but not working right just now.



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