Does Google stack up – really?


Many people think Google does not stack up. However, they have never looked closely or understood the key issues. We have done many hours of work considering the up sides and down sides of both applications. Here’s what we think



The up shot is that comparatively they are giants. For your needs, both will do great. Google however offers a plethora of additional services and apps that will extend your productivity immensely. Google offers very very simple seamless integration to any device and it can be accessed from anywhere on any device. These points alone are compelling.

If you run a business, you have a few considerations to think about, like your whole team. We find that when you are starting a new business it’s a no brainer. When you are looking at changing systems (upgrading sever?) Google is a very very solid consideration. It will offer doing away with your server, technical costs, time and drama’s. 

If your staff are indispensably connected to Microsoft then change management needs to be considered as an additional cost – it’s important. But a change could be the best thing you have ever done. We see Microsoft in so many businesses. These enterprises spend a lot of money maintaining the system and staying up to date. The only thing they use is email, word and a little excel. All of this can be done for ‘next to nix’ with Google.


We find that the New Zealand public are quite conservative. I like this for many reasons, but business is not one of them. Conservative means to stay with what you know, don’t easily change and maintain what works today. The problem therein is progress. Without even considering other options, progress cannot happen.

In IT you need to consider all the options and see how they apply to you. You need to move with developments. Those that do, thrive and those that don’t barely survive. Look around you. Who is kicking it in business. Many of them will be using Google. Ray White Real Estate international is one. Xero, global giant – end to end Google. If businesses of these sizes can make Google work for them then it’s not a lost cause by any means. It’s simply different. Different can be compelling and transforming


No single change comes without a cost – even a new server creates a multitude of dramas.

Stratify iT want to see progress – for your prosperity