An SD Card can make a big difference

An SD card is usually needed when you don’t have enough space in your device.

Many people don’t even know about them, that’s ok. If they run out of space, they’ll soon find out. Buying a smaller capacity phone is not a problem because you can always put an SD card into it.

Have a look at this video to understand a little about how to maximise storage with an SD card.



What you may not be aware of is the ability to use your Google account (or similar) for all your storage and in fact keep little to nothing on your device. Images, documents, notes … all of this can be handled by Google so that your device is only running programs (apps).

With the amount of excellent apps out there now you may find an SD card handy. I have an 8Gb phone. I ran out of space and I had no information stored. I don’t like apps THAT much but clearly, to run a device it takes some space.

Another point many people may not know. As you get closer to maximum storage in your device, you’ll find it gets slower. If your device is ‘playing up’ but a reboot fixes it, check your storage. If it’s 1Gb or less storage it’ll start to play up. If it’s 500Mb or less it will get annoying and from then it gets bad. 


So, to sum this one up, an SD card is a good idea. You don’t need the biggest device, that’s a lot more money for not much more device. If you like apps then watch the above video, it’ll help plenty.

If you start to see your device ‘playing up’ check how much storage is left. If it’s not a lot- an SD card should fix that.



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