Creating a WiFi Hotspot is not so difficult


WiFi Hotspot’s are very very handy. I use them all the time to connect when there is otherwise no internet connection.

My kids love them also because I can give them internet in the car when we are on a trip – that’s pretty cool. My colleague and I use them to present at locations that can’t/ won’t/ don’t give out WiFi details. I use them for friends that need info but don’t have connection. There are a lot of things you can do with your mobile device as a WiFi Hotspot.

Configuring your device may be different for different people but the basics are the same. I use Android Lollipop (name of a software version) to run my Samsung S4. As at today the latest version out is one higher (which I can’t get) called Marshmallow. But you may have an earlier version, that’s OK. The method is very similar for all users. Follow your nose (and the video) and you won’t go wrong. Don’t forget, if you’re using an earlier version software you may not have ALL the functions available that later versions have.

Here’s an important point to remember, when you create a WiFi Hotspot you’re device is using data from your Network (not a wireless connection to your home or cafe etc) This is important because it can use a lot of data and if you don’t have much, then perhaps don’t use it.


WiFi Hotspot’s use data from your network


The only other thing to remember is, if you’re in a public place when using your mobile Hotspot, you may find others will see your connection and use it. Just make sure you know how to manage that use of your own precious mobile data. Otherwise, enjoy mobility 🙂


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