Yes, CamScanner is a mobile scanning machine

And CamScanner is all I use now. It takes good copy, is incredibly handy and very comprehensive.

I can scan anything and have it in my Google Drive system in moments. Then I can toss the piece of paper away or hand it back or pass it to the next part of it’s process. That paperless systems for you. 

If don’t like to be responsible for every piece of paper we suggest you take a look. If you have been looking for a new scanner or tool or trick – this is one of the best.

It is true paperless in real time

A scanner represents the ‘first’ place that you convert a hard copy of anything into a paperless system. It may be an invoice, receipt, photo, proof of something – anything. You may not care about being paperless but you can still maximise the benefits it offers. Once you have used you scanner you have stripped away many things that ‘disorganise’ your day/ time. You have made your life that much more organised and eliminated ‘mistakes’.

We strongly recommend taking a look at this app as it offers the greatest ‘leap forward’ in your business life relative to productivity. 

Stratify iT know their apps and maximise your time with great tools.