EventBrite, the best ticketing service I’ve ever seen


If you haven’t used EventBrite, have a look. It’s excellent in all ways. We use it for our free events but you can use it for paid event’s also.

EventBrite is an event management on-line service that allows you to set tickets, register attendees, manage those registered, email them – follow up …. you name it.

The app is superb. There are add on’s to this app that allow you to register attendees as they come in the door. It all connects to MailChimp, PayPal, SalesForce, WordPress and FaceBook. 

So, imagine you have an event coming up but you want to know who came and you don’t wont the hassle of having complicated spread sheets, finance arrangements and collaboration issues. Imagine if you could have it all done for you for a very small slice of you ticket price? To us it’s a no brainer, EventBrite is excellent.

The beauty is it works of a per ticket commission which is nominal. That way you can set the price to cover costs and still get the same money.

So here’s a scenario: You have a webinar, Globally. You expect 300 attendees or so. Set it up in EventBrite, advertise via Twitter and FaceBook, have your link in LinkedIn and your website … do what you usually do to get sales. Set the payment system through PayPal. Then, the money will role in, your event kicks of and you discover that you have 475 attendees. More than expected? That’s due to EvenBrite’s excellent service and it’s professional no fuss approach. You left it alone and it did what it does best 🙂



We highly recommend EventBrite even though we have no affiliation with them, we just know they do things great and professional. Have a go




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